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Advanced 3D Printing with FGF and Pellet Extrusion Technology

Experience next-level 3D printing with Aectual's innovative Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) method. The XL 3D Printing system, powered by pellet extrusion on a robotic arm, provides around-the-clock industrial-grade printing. Designed in-house, this comprehensive solution is tailored for high-quality, large-scale 3D printing, aligning with Aectual's mission to revolutionize the industry.

Large-Scale Printing with Extended Robot Arms

The industrial sized robot arms, featuring 6-axis movement and a reach of 3.2 meters, are perfect for large prints. Additionally, a 9-meter track (7th axis) expands the print-bed volume to an impressive 170 m3.

Fast & Precise Printing with High-Capacity Extruder

Aectual's proprietary extruder, combining high capacity with robotic flexibility, is optimized for speed and accuracy. Mounted directly on the robot arm, it boasts controlled temperature zones, ensuring superior material quality and precise print line control.

Smart & Integrated Control Systems by Aectual

Aectual has enhanced the control system for both the robot and extruder to offer superior motion and print queue management. Their intelligent features elevate the printing process, promoting autonomy, allowing seamless integration, monitoring, and management your print jobs online.

Digital Factory: A New Era of Intelligent Production

Embrace the efficiency of Aectual's fully digitalized design-to-production workflow. Say goodbye to tedious data transfers and miscommunications between design and production phases. With Aectual's advanced system, pre-production simulations and tests ensure error minimization and proactive problem resolution. All outcomes and data are meticulously consolidated into an easily navigable, searchable database, transforming Aectual's workspace into a flawless, paperless production hub.


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