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3D Printing Materials Designed for Sustainable Architectural and Interior Systems.

Resources are limited, necessitating intelligent utilization. Sustainable value chains thrive on the principles of reuse and circularity. Aectual champions this ethos by exclusively utilizing recycled plastics and plant-derived, recyclable 3D printing materials.

Aectual's Sustainable Approach to 3D Printing

Harnessing the power of Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) 3D printers, Aectual has pioneered the use of recycled plastic flakes and pellets. Our dedication to sustainable practices is evident in our choice of thermoplastic polymers, which are designed for repeated shredding and reprinting. With a rich history dating back to 2012, we've collaborated with material partners to explore over 30 compounds. Today, our focus is on three primary materials chosen for their performance, global availability, and consistent quality:

1. Bio-PA (Recycled)

  • Derived from renewable vegetable oils as an alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Co-developed with Henkel, offering a soft, matte finish and slight flexibility.

  • Recyclable up to seven times; a process enhanced by the addition of virgin material.

  • Approximately 50% of the material used in bio-PA products is recycled.

  • Available in 20 base colors or custom shades (PMS, NCS, RAL), with a fire-retardant variant exhibiting a shinier finish.

2. Recycled Drink Cartons (PolyAl)

  • Produced in partnership with Recon Polymers, Innolab Chemistry, and Tetra Pak.

  • Derived from the recycling of drink cartons, primarily composed of renewable materials like cardboard.

  • The residual polymer-aluminum mix from drink carton recycling is termed PolyAl.

  • Processed and compounded in the Netherlands specifically for Aectual's products.

  • Has a matte, pottery-like finish and comes in various pastel colors, excluding white and yellow.

3. Recycled PP

  • Glass-filled RPP (Recycled PolyPropylene) is renowned in the 3D printing realm.

  • Made from a mix of industrial and consumer waste, subsequently re-granulated.

  • Exhibits a shiny yet rugged aesthetic, mainly available in black.

  • A fire-retardant variant is not currently available.

Our commitment to sustainability and reuse drives our mission. By integrating recycled materials and partnering with industry leaders, we aim to shape the future of eco-conscious 3D printing.


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